From Illinois to Wisconsin to Massachusetts... 

Josh Carleton's Journey


Nordic.pngIn 2016 I returned to the healthcare industry as a Senior Beaker Consultant at Nordic Consulting Partners. In this role, I have the incredibly rewarding opportunity to help healthcare organizations across the US install and optimize Epic's laboratory information system (LIS), Beaker, with the goal of increasing efficiencies and improving patient care. 

Josh Carleton at HubSpotIn 2015, I joined the implementation team at HubSpot, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Truly a great role, I was able to help companies in a wide range of industries learn how to best use the software, resolve technical issues, and improve their marketing. The role was great as it let me flex my creative, design, and technical muscles all at once, all while getting to work with a variety of interesting people and companies. During my time at HubSpot, I grew my web design and API development knowledge as well as my project management skills. Outside of my client work, I was also a new-hire mentor, helping folks get adjusted to being a new HubSpotter. Always looking to improve processes, I also developed an internal resource for fellow implementers to request help with CSS issues they were encountering, providing a better experience for our clients, leveraging the knowledge on the team.

Josh Carleton at Epic Beaker

From 2012 to 2015, I was on the Implementation Services team at Epic Systems, in Verona, Wisconsin. In this amazing role, I was able to help major healthcare institutions across the United States improve patient care, create efficiencies, and save money with Epic's laboratory information system, Beaker. Always pushing the software to its limits, I worked hard to provide hospitals with what they needed to best care for their patients. One example of this was a repurposing of Radiant's FDI records to host images generated by various lab instruments in both clinical and anatomic pathology - something never before done. I also pushed hard to implement current best practices and recommendations from lab and medical industry leaders such as CAP, IDSA, and ACPeds. One example of this was an adjustment of the rapid strep test reflex to a throat culture that followed the current age guidelines to prevent unnecessary testing. Making use of the patient's full medical record to improve care, the true power of Epic, was something I was passionate about. Aside from my implementation role, I also held the role of Development Area Success Owner, linking our development team with implementers and end users to help guide development. In the role, I also helped create and review NVTs, held a monthly development webinar, and presented new development at multiple UGMs and XGMs. Internally, I was a team lead, managing a small team of implementers, helping to grow their careers at Epic. In addition, I also demoed Beaker to hospitals both domestic and abroad, as they evaluated the purchase/implementation, carefully evaluating their needs and our solutions. I am Beaker CP, Beaker AP, and EpicCare Inpatient (Orders and Order Transmittal) certified.


Josh Carleton at University of Chicago

After college, I moved on to the University of Chicago to further pursue my education in the microbiology PhD program. After completing my graduate coursework, I became a teaching assistant, teaching classes in Biochemistry and Bacterial Pathogenesis. After rotating through various labs, I decided to join the lab of Dr. Jess Leber, studying the food-borne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. Specifically, I researched the mechanisms by which hyper-virulent Listeria monocytogenes evades the immune system. We published some of our findings in the journal of Infection and Immunity here. After two years, though, I realized I wanted to pursue another path. 

Josh Carleton at University of IllinoisI studied Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign (I-L-L!) from 2006 - 2010. I quickly developed an interest in microbiology after taking classes from Dr. Abigail Salyers and decided to join the lab of Dr. Steven Blanke, working under the guidance of (then) graduate student Dr. Prashant Jain. Specifically, bacterial pathogensis piqued my interest. The battle between human and bacteria was (and is) fascinating. During my time in the Blanke Lab, I characterized the VacA cytotoxin from the very common ulcer-causing gastric organism, Helicobacter pylori. My work in the lab was recognized and awarded with the Francis M. and Harlie M. Clark Undergraduate Research Excellence Award and also allowed me to graduate with distinction. If you'd like to read my thesis, let me know here and I'll send it your way. In addition to my lab work, I was also an emergency medical technician for the collegiate EMS (Illini EMS) as well as for a regional ambulance service. 



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