C. difficile Testing in Beaker - EHR Optimization

In this post, I'll discuss EHR optimization opportunities in Epic/Beaker for Clostridium difficile ( C. diff) testing at your hospital based on IDSA guidelines. I'll specifically discuss ways you can: ensure appropriate patient populations are tested, simplify resulting for the tech, and optimize the view of results for the ordering clinician.
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FISH Cytogenetics In Beaker

CAP Today recently published an article titled the " Benefits and Bumps of Switching to Beaker" and outlined some struggles building cytogenetics in Beaker. In this post I'll discuss one successful way that I have built out cytogenetics, specifically FISH testing, in the past in Beaker.
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Molecular Pathogen Panels in Beaker - EHR Optimization

With the rise in molecular infectious disease testing, especially during this particularly busy flu season, make sure you are delivering clean, user-friendly results to your physicians. In this post, I'll discuss a potential way to optimize your EHR and LIS for the delivery of molecular results in Beaker.

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